Why are we doing this anyway?

Modularization is frequently discussed, but after some time, the speakers realize that they don’t mean the same thing. Over the last fifty years, computer science has given us a number of good explanations about what modularization is all about—but is that really enough to come to the same conclusions and arguments?

Keeping an Eye on AI

Your machine learning model is trained and finally running in production. But that was the easy part. Now, the real challenge is reliably running your machine learning system in production. For this, monitoring systems are essential. But while monitoring machine learning models, you must consider some challenges that go beyond traditional DevOps metrics.

Python Developers live in Visual Studio Code

With over 18 million monthly users, VS Code has become one of the most popular and fastest-growing text editors in the world. To learn more about why over 3.7 million of them find VS Code to be the perfect habitat for Python development and data science work, keep on reading!.

Behind the Tracks