MLCON Strategy Day provides a unique opportunity to learn from experts what steps must be taken to build successful ML products. It provides a detailed overview of the approaches ML pioneers use to develop amazing Machine Learning implementations.

June 25, 2024 | Munich or Online


For this iteration of the ML Strategy Day we want to focus on the topic of Large Language Models – or LLMs for short. These advanced Generative AI models, like ChatGPT, Mistral or Claude are becoming an indispensable part of any modern AI/ML strategy, so our goal is to bring you up to speed on how to integrate them into your business.
  • Learn the basics: How do LLM’s work
  • Ideation: creating product ideas for LLMs in our first workshop
  • Risks and pitfalls: What do you need to consider when building LLM based products?
  • Open Source or commercial: what is the difference between OSS models and their closed source counterparts
  • MLOps: What do you need to run LLMs? Learn about GPUs, Hardware and Cloud requirements. Use an API or run it yourself? Learn how this affects pricing, performance and data protection issues
  • 2Hands-on Workshop: Prototyping your ideas with LLMs — We will provide access to multiple LLMs so you can learn their strengths and weaknesses – try out your product ideas with the help of our experts. Learn hands-on how to build a working interaction with a modern AI

We are currently working on this part of the program. Check back soon and have a look at the rest of the current MLCON Munich 2023 program here.

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