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ML Conference 2019
The Conference for Machine Learning Innovation
June 17 - 19 | Munich

Anika Stock
Telephone: +49 (0)69 630089-22

Our Marketing Services:

As a sponsor of the ML Conference you will benefit by our Marketing Services at the conference.


Conference Website

This will be the main hub where conference participants receive the latest information pertaining all sponsors, exhibitors, speakers, sessions and workshops. As the main source of the latest information, the conference website will naturally attract high traffic from all parties involved. Sponsors and exhibitors will have their company profile and logo clearly visible to the website. Potential customers will also be able to click through to the respective websites for our sponsors and exhibitors for more information as well.

VIP and Expo Reception

Take advantage of our networking platform during the Expo Reception and our exclusive VIP dinner kick-off with speakers and partners. You will receive an invitation prior to the conference.



Sponsors of the ML Conference 2018 are represented with their logo on all conference advertisements. Repeated advertisements and enclosures are placed in our most important print and online publications, for example on as well as enclosures in additional publications. You will attract enormous attention within your target group with your advertisements.

Visual Media

During the conference, sponsors are noticeably represented on large-size banners and posters.

Conference tickets

As sponsor of the ML Conference you will benefit from special price for conference tickets.


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