MLCon 2019 Spring Archive

Machine Learning 101++ using Python

An Introduction to Deep Learning with Keras - train your own Image Classifier with Deep Neural Networks [SOLD OUT]

The Ethics of AI – dealing with difficult choices in a non-binary world

How do Chess Engines work? Looking at Stockfish and AlphaZero

Reinforcement Learning: a gentle Introduction and industrial Application

Embedded ML for continued Product Leadership in global Machine and Plant Construction

The more data, the better the AI, isn’t it?

Supercharging your forecasting algorithms with alternative data

Machine Learning Models: solving Issues in Production and beyond

Productionizing Machine Learning Models: Lessons learned in the Hadoop Ecosystem

Can UX demystify AI?

How to implement Chatbots in an industrial Context

Some Things I wish I had known about scaling Machine Learning Solutions

Lebenslanges Lernen einer Maschine IoT Architekturen und Infrastruktur einer Smart Factory

How to track progress and collaborate in data science and machine learning projects?

Automated Hyperparameter Tuning

Predicting New York City Taxi demand: spatio-temporal Time Series Forecasting

Up-close and personal: Hyper-Personalization using Deep Learning

TensorFlow Training on the JVM

Learning Rank Aggregation Methods

Power to the People: Free Energy in the Internet Age

Deep Learning mit Small Data

Prevention of Claims with iot and ai.

Deep Learning advances for Signal Processing

Unsupervised Learning with Autoencoders

"AutoAutoML" - Towards a Standardized Automated Machine Learning Pipeline API

Mining Software Development History: Approaches and Challenges

Hype or Reality: Face Anti-Spoofing Solution powered by Deep Learning

Evolution 3.0: Solve your everyday Problems with genetic Algorithms

Honey Bee Conservation using Deep Learning

Thiago da Silva Alves JArchitects

Panel: Ask the ML Experts

Chatbots Suck

Does Deep Learning make Feature Engineering obsolete?

How we used Reinforcement Learning to solve the Abbey of Crime

Juantomás Garcia Molina S|ngular

The Data Janitor returns

Deep probablistic Modelling with Pyro