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Jean Metz

Jean Metz
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Jean Metz


Jean Metz started his career in academia, first as a PhD student and later as Adjunct Professor at a Federal University, where he co-created and led the Computational Intelligence Research Group. Since day one, he focused his research on Machine Learning and its applications. After a few years of academic life, he decided to make a career move and landed at the software industry. Now, he can apply his knowledge and skills on more tangible problems.

He has been working as a consultant in Belgium for a few years, where he has helped companies to implement intelligent applications. In the journey, he acquired skills that helped him to design and deliver solutions that create value from data using Machine Learning.

Currently, he is consulting for KBC bank in Belgium. This time, the focus is on Conversational AI and the delivery of a complete data-driven and machine learning backed chatbot platform.

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