How to implement Chatbots in an industrial Context

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Tuesday, June 18 2019
14:00 - 15:00
Cuvillies 2

Chatbots are among the most popular applications of artificial intelligence and natural language processing. Many companies are developing first prototypes to improve their customer communication and support functions. But running a tutorial or using a predefined cloud service is something fundamentally different than implementing a productive chatbot for a real world application that is scalable, continuously improvable, and integrated into the company’s core IT architecture. 

In my presentation, I will talk about the experience ThoughtWorks has made in several chatbot projects. First, we’ll go over why the definition of the character of the bot is one of the most important design principles, followed by what the architecture of a bot look like. We’ll also talk about what can be done with machine learning algorithms and where the limits of this approach are today. We’ll go over why testing a chatbot is difficult, as well as how to run test-driven development and continuous delivery and how to continuously improve the performance of the bot with continuous intelligence.

I will illustrate this talk with a live demonstration of one of ThroughtWorks’ chatbots.

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