MLCon 2019 Berlin Archive

Conversational Design Workshop: Build awesome Chatbots and Voice Assistants [SOLD OUT]

Machine Learning 101++ using Python

Hands-on Workshop: Reinforcement Learning with TF-Agents & TensorFlow 2.0 [SOLD OUT]

Essential Workshop to Exploratory Data Analysis and Feature Engineering [SOLD OUT]

Robots and Ethics in the digital Age

Continuous Delivery for Machine Learning Applications with Open Source Tools

Predictive Maintenance – how does Data Science revolutionize the World of Machines?

Deep Learning: the final Frontier for Time Series Analysis?

Real-life Revenue generating Image/Video Processing Use Cases in Telco Sector

Generative Media – an emerging Industry.

Data to the Rescue! Predicting and Preventing Accidents at Sea

Developing ML for Trustworthy AI

Understanding how Neural Networks work by looking at the Low Level API of TensorFlow 2

How to Identify Collaborators in large Codebases using Unsupervised Learning

How to raise intelligent Chatbots, keep them smart and make them useful

AI for EA: How Artificial Intelligence facilitates Enterprise Architecture at Lufthansa

Explainable AI with Machine Teaching

How We Used Machine Learning to Detect Stress among our Berlin Colleagues

Building Human-in-the-Loop Machine Learning Systems – Fashion 2.0

Honey Bee Conservation using Deep Learning

Building emotionally intelligent Machines

First Steps to Interpretable Machine Learning

Privacy-preserving Machine Learning

Next generation AI: Emotional Artificial Intelligence based on audio

Everything you need to know about Security Issues in today’s ML Systems

Voice and Identity

Modern Workflows and Tools for Machine Learning in Production

Human / AI Interaction Loop Training as a new Approach for interactive Learning with Reinforcement-Learning Agents

Dr. Neda Navidi AIR (AI Redefined)

AI is eating Software – how Second Generation AutoML will replace Software Development

Case Study: Making the Most out of a Doomed Project

Delivering Rocketfuel – Pipelines für Deep Learning mit Small Data

Client-side Artificial Intelligence in JavaScript using Tensorflow.js

Automatic Image Cropping for Online Classifieds: a Journey from a Master Thesis to Production

Dockerize, Standardize, Deploy and Scale your own Machine Learning Model

From Paper to Product – How we implemented BERT

MediaPipe: Building real-time cross-platform (mobile, web, edge, desktop) Video Audio ML Pipelines

All You Need to Know now about (Deep) Reinforcement Learning

Speeding up last-mile Delivery with AI