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Hands on Workshop: Reinforcement Learning with TF-Agents & TensorFlow 2.0

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Hands on Workshop

In this workshop you will discover how machines can learn complex behaviors and anticipatory actions. Using this approach autonomous helicopters fly aerobatic maneuvers and even the GO world champion was beaten with it. A training dataset containing the “right” answers is not needed, nor is “hard-coded” knowledge. The approach is called “reinforcement learning” and is almost magical.

Using TF-Agents on top of TensorFlow 2.0 we will see how a real-life problem can be turned into a reinforcement learning task. In an accompanying Python notebook, we implement – step by step – all solution elements, highlight the design of Google’s newest reinforcement learning library, point out the role of neural networks and look at optimization opportunities.

The Python notebooks are hosted on Colab. All you need is a laptop with a current Chrome browser and a Google account. We also gladly discuss application ideas you – as an attendee – might bring along.

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