MLCon 2018 Winter Archive

Look Who’s Talking: A Case for Branded Personas in Connected Devices

AI for Business – Experiences and Benchmarks

ML in Industries: Best Practices, Customer Experiences, and Lessons Learnt

How to be heard? - A Conversational-First Approach to Marketing

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Machine Learning in the Browser

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Making Enterprises Intelligent with Machine Learning

Making a smart chat bot made smarter.

Too many ideas, too little data – How to overcome the cold start problem when building data driven products and services

Is voice relevant to your business?

The challenge of putting ML into practice

How to Design Content for Amazon Vendors

Bridging the gap between Machine Learning and Subject-Matter Experts

Search: The Silver Bullet of Symbolic AI and the Secret of AlphaGo Zero

Voice Shopping - The Future or a Failure?

Machine Learning on Source Code

Developing for Echo Buttons: More than just a toy

Mario Johansson Nagler & Company Austria

How we built a job recommender SaaS with Deep Learning to disrupt the job market!

„Alexa, let’s play!“ – how we brought a world-famous quiz game on Amazon Alexa!

The future of banking - can voice skills provide any value to the user?

Text classification and NLP on star wars characters

Parameter Servers Suck, All Hail Horovod: Distributed Learning Technology Overview

Multi-Modal Voice Development with Amazon Alexa

Man & Machines: The Dreamteam for your intelligent Marketing Strategy

Deep Recommendation Systems for real Personalization

Designing for Voice

Deeplearning4J by Example

An Introduction to Clustering Algorithms

How to build cross-platform voice apps for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

Why robotics is HARD.

Helping Pacman beat the ghosts with deep Q learning

Embed Google Assistant into your own devices

Winning a kaggle competition in 2015

Creating a Google Action with Python

Build Your Own Voice Interface with Google Actions

Machine Learning 101++ using Python

Deep Learning with TensorFlow