„Alexa, let’s play!“ – how we brought a world-famous quiz game on Amazon Alexa!

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Wednesday, December 5 2018
17:15 - 17:45
Salon 6+7

Voice Games are one of the fastest growing categories in the Amazon Alexa Skill Store and casual gaming is currently experiencing a revolution with Voice Assistants. This year even a board game was released that interacts with Amazon Alexa. Why “voice” and “games” are a perfect match and how you can transform a game concept from “mobile screen” to a “voice-first” experience will be revealed in their talk.

Tim Kahle, one of the co-founders of 169 Labs, and one of the three German Alexa Champions, is on the jury for the current Alexa Skills Kit Challenge with prizes worth a total of EUR 50,000. He and Dominik Meissner will talk about the agency’s latest voice game project (to be published in October 2018). They have now brought one of the most famous quiz games (even with an own TV show) on Amazon Alexa.

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