MLCon 2018 Spring Archive

ML Conference 2019
The Conference for Machine Learning Innovation
June 17 - 19 | Munich

Machine Learning 101++ using Python

AI Product Workshop

Deep Learning with TensorFlow [SOLD OUT]

Cracking Open the Black Box of Neural Networks

Kick-Start your Understanding of Machine Learning with Python

Introduction to Deeplearning4J

An Interdisciplinary Approach to Artificial Intelligence Testing: Development of an Artificial Intelligence Quotient (A-IQ)

Add Intelligence to your Applications with Amazon ML Services

Reinforcement Learning and Minecraft

Gamified Control - China's Social Credit Systems

From Prototype to Live Product: Understanding Documents With Deep Learning

Katya Stalpouskaya Gini GmbH

Machine Learning on Source Code

Machine Learning Sucks

Anomaly Detection in Sales Point Transactions

Amazon SageMaker: Building, Training and Deploying Machine Learning Models Efficiently and at Scale

Data Science - easy until it's not

An Introduction into Deep Reinforcement Learning for Industrial Process Optimization

Quick Start with AI for Businesses

Preparing Text Input for Machine Learning

Natural Language Support with LUIS

Deep Learning in Telecommunication

Actionable Insights with Real-time Streaming Analytics of Customer Reviews

Boost your App with Machine Learning APIs

Panel: Road to Succeed - Ask the Experts

AI really is all that!

75 Ideas for Creating Value with Machine Learning

IIoT: Augmenting Business Intelligence at the Edge

Attention Please! The One Little Trick that Improved the State of the Art in Sequence Modelling