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ML Conference 2019
The Conference for Machine Learning Innovation
June 17 - 19 | Munich

Machine Learning 101++ using Python

Hands-On-Workshop: Combining IOT with Deep Learning for industrial optimization, Industry 4.0 is here!

Artificial Intelligence: Miracle or Menace

Build your own Spam Defense, or how I befriended the Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog

IoT and AI software to boost industry and production

Deep Learning for financial Time Series Analysis

Financial Predictions with Machine Learning

The Potentials and Pitfalls of AI

Coding deep Learning - the absolute Minimum an interested Developer should know about Matrices and Backprop

How Runtastic Leverages Integration of R Into Microsoft’s Data Platform

Decision Making based on Machine Learning at Outfittery

Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) models with TensorFlow

Algorithmic Architecture, Real-time AI and the Search for Alpha

Understanding and predicting human Behaviour using Machine Learning Techniques

Enterprise Tensorflow: Running Tensorflow Models in a Java Environment

Exploiting Deep Learning: Most significant Bits & Pieces

Create Stunning Visualizations with The Help of R

How Deep Learning pushes Computer Vision to the next Level

From zero to Deep Learning enhanced App

Amazon AI Services

Panel Discussion: The Potentials and Pitfalls of AI

It's all about Machines and creating their Minds

Closing Session & Conference Wrap-Up