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Prof. Wolfgang Henseler
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Prof. Wolfgang Henseler


Prof. Wolfgang Henseler (born 1961) is founder and managing creative director at SENSORY-MINDS, a designstudio for New Media and Innovative Technologies based in Offenbach am Main (Germany).
He is a professor for Digital Media and an expert in Digital Transformation, Natural User Interface Design, User Experience 4.0 and Usability – and the dean for Intermedia Design – the design of smart objects and the Internet of Things – at the University of Pforzheim – Faculty for Design.
Professor Henseler leads the strategic creative department, the usability lab
and the trend and innovation division of SENSORY-MINDS. He is an expert for
customer- and user-centered innovative technology systems and a consultant
to global enterprises and the German government concerning nowadays digital
transformation and future business modeling.

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