• Christoph Henkelmann

    An Introduction to Transformers

    Gabrielle Fournet

    NLP for career progression: connecting people with jobs and courses

    Gabrielle Fournet (Boostrs)
    Håkan Silfvernagel

    Machine Learning on the edge using TensorFlow Lite

    Håkan Silfvernagel (Miles AS)
    Laurent Picard

    Building smarter solutions with no expertise in machine learning

    Laurent Picard (Google)
    Vladimir Rybakov

    Real Machine Learning challenges that you’ve never faced at Kaggle

    Vladimir Rybakov (WaveAccess)
    Jon Bratseth

    Applying machine learning online at scale

    Jon Bratseth (Verizon Media)
    Dr. Pieter Buteneers

    Workshop: Machine Learning 101++ Using Python