Deep Learning with TensorFlow

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Friday, December 7 2018
09:00 - 17:00

In this workshop, we will dive into the world of Deep Learning. After introducing the basics of Google’s Deep Learning library ‘TensorFlow’ we will continue with hands on coding exercises. You will learn how to create a neural network that is able to classify images of handwritten digits (MNIST) into their respective classes (Image Classification). While starting with a very basic, shallow network, we gradually add depth and introduce convolutional layers and regularization to improve the performance of our model.

For this workshop we only require participants to have a basic knowledge of Python in order to work on the hands-on coding exercises. If you do not have any coding experience you are still welcome to join the workshop as all the solutions will be shared at the end of the workshop. For the workshop we will use free Google Cloud credits to spin up a virtual machine, but to activate the credits everybody should bring a valid visa card (there will be absolutely no costs, and you can cancel your account directly after the workshop if desired!)

You should bring a laptop or any other cloud environment that has TensorFlow and Python3 installed.

Behind the Tracks