Too many ideas, too little data – How to overcome the cold start problem when building data driven products and services

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Wednesday, December 5 2018
14:30 - 15:30

Data Scientists and Product Owners have a lot of great ideas, but often these ideas are missing data to answer the given questions and to build a solution to them. Although an established company might have a lot of data already collected in their data warehouse, the data might not be suited to answer the new problems. Why and where would we have saved all the images our customers have sent us over the years?

The cold start problem is affecting both startups as well as established companies. Nonetheless, this is also a great opportunity to collect new data with your customer’s problem in focus. We, as an insurtech startup, had to tackle this problem and started to use open data, such as weather and maps, data we find on the web as well as collected data, such as logs and sensor data.

In this talk, we want to share our experience with building a data pipeline starting from “zero data” to a data pipeline with open, found and collected data, which enables us building data products that help our customers in their daily life.

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