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Embedded ML for continued Product Leadership in global Machine and Plant Construction

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Tuesday, June 18 2019
10:15 - 11:15

Machine Learning (ML), made possible by data in combination with Moore’s Law, is driving revolutionary changes in our society. It deals with predictive analytics and enables the optimization of operational processes by avoiding unwanted situations. Cloud providers and IoT platforms have incorporated their own data analysis solutions, as well as ML frameworks and libraries into their program. 

However, many decision makers have a queasy feeling about sharing their production data with the outside world in the cloud. Using an edge solution on a standard PC directly in the plant or on the machine, data can remain within the firewall. If the Apple iPhone-X equipped with a ML chip has the ability to train its owner’s images on the device and model the result for future access control, the possibilities for mechanical engineering developers in terms of ML-based edge applications is unlimited! 

While the lead of the US and Chinese data companies in the consumer sector cannot be overlooked, European machine and plant manufacturers will continue to expand their product leadership by exporting machines with embedded ML around the world.

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