The Conference for Machine Learning Innovation

AI for EA: How Artificial Intelligence facilitates Enterprise Architecture at Lufthansa

Tuesday, December 10 2019
14:40 - 15:00

In many companies, the enterprise architecture is very complex and includes a variety of infrastructures, individual software and off-the-shelf solutions, interfaces between these and external systems, as well as numerous documents and other data sources. Here too – in the IT itself – a large amount of data is generated.

Using a business intelligence approach, many companies nowadays own sophisticated mechanisms for analyzing business data to generate knowledge or decision recommendations. For technical data, these mechanisms are only partially being respected and in IT itself, one hardly utilizes data science methods – "The cobbler wears the worst shoes".

In our talk, we show how Lufthansa uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) for architecture management (for instance, to identify obsolete services or optimization opportunities in processes), we discuss the methods in detail, and provide hands-on experience with interesting cases.

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