AI for Business – Experiences and Benchmarks

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Wednesday, December 5 2018
10:15 - 11:15

AI offers great new opportunities. To become a successful player in AI driven business, companies need to decide on the role of AI in their product strategy. In principle, this decision may range from “develop your own AI modules by yourself” to “use of ready-to-use commercially available AI suites”.

Given the amount of time and resources that have been invested in powerful AI suites already, it seems hard to find an application that benefits from a special purpose AI engine that a company develops for themselves.

In this presentation experiences and selected case studies for AI driven business are explained, covering medical solutions, predictive analysis, services, and automotive industry. In the case studies the effects of decisions on the business case are discussed. In some cases it is explained why AI product development strategy turned out to be successful, although important technical goals were not achieved. On the other hand, cases are explained that turned out not to be successful.

A summary concludes the presentation with recommendations for successful selection of AI strategy.

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