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Speeding up last-mile delivery with AI

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AI is not new. It has existed for decades now, showing gradual progress over the years. With the consistent growth of the on-demand industry, changing consumer behaviour, and desire for personalization, the logistics industry is constantly solving a problem of delivering products anytime, anywhere. Major trends that are converging AI into logistics are: 

-Big data 

-Rising SaaS with mobile availability 

-Self-learning systems resulting in informed decisions. 


Jugnoo, in particular, is amplifying human ingenuity with intelligent technology by solving complex problems like: 

-Demand Prediction to reduce waste, and meet the service level agreement 

-Route and Batch Optimization to optimize operational efficiency and reducing costs 

-Merchant profiling by understanding merchant behaviour to meet the demand and reduce delivery time 

-Estimated Time of Arrival by utilizing data and providing faster services by adjusting supply based on the predicted demand.

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