• Dr. Andreas Bühlmeier

    All You Need to Know now about (Deep) Reinforcement Learning

    Dr. Andreas Bühlmeier (DBC Enterprise IT Consulting)
    David Glavas

    Everything you need to know about Security Issues in today’s ML Systems

    David Glavas (Technical University of Munich (TUM))
    Murat Vurucu

    Explainable AI with Machine Teaching

    Murat Vurucu (Latentine GmbH)
    Peter Seeberg

    Developing ML for Trustworthy AI

    Peter Seeberg (asimovero.AI)
    Jeroen Boeye
    Joris Boeye

    Machine Learning 101++ using Python [SOLD OUT]

    Jeroen Boeye (Faktion)
    Joris Boeye (ZF Wind Power)