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Machine Learning 101


Machine Learning is often hyped, but how does it work? We will show you hands-on how you can do data inspection, prediction, build a simple recommender system, and so on.


Using realistic datasets and partially programmed code we will make you accustomed to machine learning concepts such as regression, classification, over-fitting, cross-validation and many more. This
tutorial is accessible for anyone with some basic Python knowledge who’s eager to learn the core concepts of Machine Learning.


Anybody who can write some code in whatever programming language should be able to follow the workshop. We make use of an iPython/Jupyter Notebook running on a dedicated server, so nothing but a laptop with an internet connection is required to participate.


Your Expert

Dr. Pieter Buteneers
Dr. Pieter Buteneers

Pieter Buteneers started his career in academia, first as a PhD student and later as a post-doc, where he did research on Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Brain Computer Interfaces and Epilepsy. In 2016, he finished his MBA at Flanders Business School. The last couple of years he consulted many companies where he trained managers and developers to build and implement new strategies to extract value from data using Machine Learning. Now he is making chatbots work for you as the CTO of

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